Welcome to the SCS accessories page, with over 30+ years of experience we have built a wealth of product knowledge and trusted suppliers to supply most commercial vehicle accessories.

Below are just a few examples of what we can offer these can be supplied and fitted by our fully trained installers to one of our vehicles or fitted to your existing.

Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Seat Covers

If you are buying a new vehicle why not think about protecting the seats from day one with these quality custom fit seat covers!

Roof Racks

Whether you're looking for a simple 2 bar roof rack system for occasional use or for a full galley roof rack for those demanding needs! SCS can supply and fit only the best quality with a wide range of accessories also available inc door ladders, Rear rollers, Roof platforms and pipe carriers.

Sign Writing

We have a close working relationship with a local sign writing company who is always at hand for all your sign writing needs.

Ply Lining Kits

Ply lining kits protect your van by preventing damage from shifting loads and general wear and tear. All our van lining kits are manufactured from high quality birch plywood, which provides excellent tensile strength to give ultimate protection, via a multi-laminate construction.

All kits come fully fitted by trained staff to ensure that they meet our very high standards!

Racking Systems

Our Van Racking Systems are strong, durable and fantastically priced to offer the trades people of the UK the ultimate robust metal van racking and storage solution for their tools, components and materials. All manufacturer right here in the UK, our trade van racking solutions are available on next working day delivery.

Bulkheads and Security Grilles

We supply a wide range of bulkheads to suit many types of van makes and models, Each bulk head has been especially designed and manufactured to suit your exact van.

We supply bulkheads in three variants;

Solid Bulkhead - Complete visual barrier between cab and load area
Punched Bulkhead - Limited view into the load area
Bulkhead with Window - Incorporates a clear high performance poly carbonate sheet for vision


It is natural when products have to conform to a standard to think ""a tow bar is a tow bar'. However, as with many other products some are made to meet a standard and others exceed the statutory minimum.

As standard all tow bars come fitted with standard electrics and standard ball but we are able to offer a wide range of different options including twin electrics & pin and ball, steps etc.